Pharmacogenetics (PGx)

A New Standard of Care

Pharmacogenomics (PGx) testing stands as a beacon in personalized medicine, holding immense promise in refining therapeutic outcomes. It holds the potential to minimize adverse drug reactions while maximizing the likelihood of positive responses. At Wellness Labs, our Pharmacogenomics/PGx testing service conducts a thorough analysis of genetic sequences. These findings play a crucial role in identifying individual sensitivities, genetic predispositions affecting drug efficacy, medication monitoring, and potential side effects. Ranging from mild to severe, even life-threatening, these insights empower physicians to create personalized medication plans based on a patient's specific genetic makeup. This scientific approach equips physicians to deliver an unmatched level of tailored treatment, optimizing patient care.

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Physician Offices
Medical Facilities
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Our Clinical Advantages

  • Enables drug safety
  • Avoids adverse drug events
  • Reduces trial and error
  • Provides personalized medication regimen
  • Online ordering and result access
  • Improves drug discovery
  • Targeted therapy, reduced costs
  • Increases staff efficiencies
  • Identifies drug effectiveness
  • Science-based tailored medication plan
  • Local testing facility
  • EMR integration available, COLA accredited
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