Blood Analysis

Chemistry, Hematology, and Immunoassay Testing

Blood tests, such as chemistry, hematology, and immunoassay testing, serve as essential tools in managing a patient's ongoing health. Whether it's checking cholesterol levels, assessing blood cell counts, or analyzing immune system markers, these tests provide valuable insights. At Wellness Labs, we recognize the significance of doctors having a clear understanding of a patient's blood composition. Our comprehensive blood analysis ensures doctors receive a detailed overview, aiding them in crafting precise and effective treatment plans tailored to individual patient needs.

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Blood Analysis Panels

Misc. Tests (1 TT 1 G)
Heart Health Panel
Inflammatory Cardiac Risk (CK, hs-CRP, CKMB)
Wellness Profile
Diabetic Panel (1 TT or 1 G & 1 LV)
Lipid Panel
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel-Chem14 (1 TT or 1 G)
Men's Health Profile (1 TT or 1 G)
Women's Health Profile (1 TT or 1 G)
Bone Health Panel (1 TT or 1 G)
Iron Panel (2 TT or 2 G)
Thyroid Panel (1 TT or 1 G)
Nutritional Health Profile (2 TT or 2 G & 1 LV)

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