At Wellness Labs, we're a privately-owned, independent full-service reference laboratory in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Specializing in molecular, genetic, chemistry, hematology, and toxicology clinical testing, we cater to the professional medical community. Our commitment is to tailor testing solutions to meet the exacting needs of both large and small clients. With a primary focus on delivering accurate, reliable, and swift results, we enable our clients to prioritize what truly counts: Patient Care.

Key Benefits Of


With Us

  • Rapid 24-48 Hour Results
  • Hands-On Training Provided
  • On-Site Collection Capabilities
  • Dedicated Client Support Team
  • After-Hours STAT Services
  • Local Courier Convenience
  • 24-Hour Online Access
  • In-House Billing Specialists
  • Drive-Up Testing Available

Our Services

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7780 E 106th St. Tulsa, OK, 74133
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